Impactful Social Writing

For people with ACTUAL businesses to learn how to build a personal platform that attracts clients and grows revenue.

No matter what you do, there are hundreds of equally qualified people or companies that do the same thing.

For your business to survive (and thrive) in 2023, you need to stand out — own your differentiation and show your ideal customers why you are the solution to their problems.

Impactful Social Writing is the program designed to give you the strategies, frameworks, and tools to stop overthinking, start showing up consistently online, and finally, build the industry authority that magnetically attracts customers, money, and opportunities to you.

Learn how to build an authentic personal platform that makes you feel like a badass and look like a pro.

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This course is for you if you want to:

Become an industry expert

Learn to confidently build your industry authority by creating high-value content that solves specific problems for your ideal customers.

Uncover your unique voice

We teach you to conduct insightful personal discovery so you can uncover your uniquely powerful point of view and proudly share it with the world.

Have clients find YOU

Understand how to magnetically attract your ideal customers by clearly differentiating your platform and showing why you’re the best person to help them.

 Unlock your growth

Purchasing power parity available in many countries. If eligible, see the top of this page.

Amanda Natividad

“Erica goes beyond copywriting. She breaks down great writing into actionable frameworks with the examples and receipts to back them up. Founders, businesses leaders, marketers, copywriters and creators can all learn from her.”

- Amanda Natividad, VP Marketing @sparktoro, Contributor 

@adweek, 130k+ on Twitter, 34k+ on LinkedIn

John Barrows

“Kasey bridges the gap between idealism and reality with insights, experience and a level of authenticity that is hard to come by these days.  She transfers these qualities to everyone she works with to help build personal brands that stand out in a sea of average and outlast any trend.”

- John Barrows, CEO of JB Sales, Training LinkedIn Top Voice, 388k on LinkedIn, 1M+ podcast downloads

Mushtaq Bilal

“Erica is the undisputed queen of online writing and audience building. I was a total novice when I started writing on Twitter in April 2022. I followed her tips and in just a year, I was able to build an audience of 170,000 followers on Twitter. Unlike Twitter bros who regurgitate the same old cliches, Erica teaches you how to build an audience while staying your authentic self. I read Erica’s threads religiously every day and you should too if you want to build an online audience.”

- Mushtaq Bilal, PhD, Professor, 198.7k on Twitter, 45k on Linkedin

Leslie Venetz

“I first met Kasey on TikTok. Her content made me stop scrolling which is no easy feat. She teaches those same scroll-stopping hooks + techniques to keep you reading in her social writing course. If you want to learn from content experts who have been able to apply their expertise to grow on multiple platforms, this course is for you.”

- Leslie Venetz, LinkedIn Top Voice, 30k+ on TikTok, 26k+ on LinkedIn

Kieran Drew

“Erica is one of the writing accounts I actually pay attention to. She's a brilliant teacher, knows her stuff, and more importantly: Writes with style. Her personality shows through and that's something I've worked on after following her advice. When I have a writing question, I go to Erica - there's a reason why!”

- Kieran Drew, Ex-dentist turned content creator, 178.2k on Twitter, 11k on LinkedIn, 26k for his newsletter Digital Freedom

Ashley Cummings

“Erica is a gift to the content marketing community and THE ONE to follow if you want to learn how to write for social, how to improve your writing, and/or how to make edits that help your writing shine. I’ve loved watching Erica quickly rise to the top with authentic content, smart advice, and a unique approach to social and content marketing. Erica will help you become a more astute writer, show you how to command an audience, and she’ll keep you informed and interested with every insight she offers. Follow her. Buy her Book of Hooks. And pray to Mother Universe that she starts offering paid consulting.”

- Ashley Cummings, SaaS freelance writer and mentor, 16k+ on Twitter, 11k+ on LinkedIn

Jay Clouse

"Kasey is one of the rare few whose content looks, sounds, and FEELS like 'Kasey, the human' rather than 'Kasey, the person trying to grow their following.' This may seem like a small distinction, but it's a powerful and nuanced distinction that Kasey both embodies and teaches very well.

- Jay Clouse, Host of Creative Elements podcast, 1.5M+ downloads, 28k+ on LinkedIn, 38k+ on Twitter

Growing your business with social media is freaking hard 

The gurus make it look easy, selling tutorials, templates, and hacks promising dazzling results. But when you try them yourself, they feel icky or simply don’t work

You know there must be a better way. 

A way that delivers results and grows your business, but without compromising your ethics, values, or what makes you YOU. 

Impactful Social Writing is for you if: 

  • You’ve started and stalled 1000 times 
  • You know, deep down, you can make a difference in the world 
  • You don’t want to build a platform by pretending to be someone you’re not
  • You do great work for clients, but struggle to generate new business consistently 
  • You’re annoyed seeing people with less knowledge, skills, and experience getting 10x the attention for their “expertise”
  • You want to show up online (and in life) with confidence in yourself and your ability to deliver impact to the audience you serve

What people are saying

Impactful Social Writing:

Embrace your inner badass & write scroll-stopping content that builds your platform & gets you clients

Stop struggling & start growing

Purchasing power parity available in many countries. If eligible, see the top of this page.

Erica Schneider

Head of Content at Grizzle

Kasey Jones

Startup Growth Strategist

Impactful Social Writing is the no BS methodology for consistently producing content that gets you clients

  • Build unshakable confidence

Overcome the nagging self-doubt and imposter syndrome preventing you from showing up authentically AND consistently online

  • Craft a bulletproof strategy

Confidently build a differentiated platform strategy that simplifies execution and ignites business growth

  • Develop endless content ideas

Build a content ideation machine so you never have to look at a blank page with dread again

  • Become a writing master

Sharpen your skill at writing scroll-stopping hooks and demands-attention bodies so you can start seeing the social media traction you're craving 

  • Nail your consistency

Consistently post content that wows ideal clients, commands attention online, and leads to revenue producing conversations

  • Grow your business

Get off the entrepreneurial hamster wheel and build a demand generation engine that scales your revenue and builds financial freedom. 

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Meet your instructors

Erica Schneider Impactful Social Writing

Erica Schneider

Head of Content, Grizzle

Erica is the Head of Content at Grizzle, a performance-driven content and SEO agency.

She grew her audience organically from 0 → 65k+ in 1 year across Twitter and LinkedIn by showing up as herself and prioritizing value over virality.

She's helped hundreds of entrepreneurs and business leaders communicate strategically online, so they can build meaningful connections that lead to personal and professional growth.

Kasey Jones Impactful Social Writing

Kasey Jones

Founder & CEO, A Better Jones

Kasey Jones has coached or consulted 100s of founders and startups to accelerate their revenue growth.

Kasey works with entrepreneurs to build unshakable confidence, unwavering self-compassion, and laser-sharp focus on their vision for the future.

With 160k+ followers across Twitter, LinkedIn, Tiktok, she built her brand by authentically sharing her journey and inspiring others to reach for something bigger in life.

What makes Impactful Social Writing different

There are a lot of thought leaders and gurus with courses that claim to teach you how to build an audience or become a creator. But most of them simply teach you how they did it. 

They share their exact templates and strategies. 

There are two problems with this. 

#1. You’re not them.

And you probably aren’t trying to build a platform or business exactly like theirs. Their strategy wasn’t designed for you, so it probably won’t work for you. 

#2. When hundreds or thousands of people are using their formula, everyone starts sounding the same.

If you’re using their methodology, standing out will be damn near impossible. 

  • We don’t show you one way of doing things. 
  • We don’t teach you to be just like us. 
  • We don’t give you tired templates. 


  • We show you why those strategies work and how to make them you’re own. 
  • We teach you how to own your unique differentiation and stand out.
  • We give you flexible frameworks, not templates. 

In the end, Impactful Social Writing will empower you to embrace all that makes you YOU.

So you can courageously show up authentically online with a personal platform that is as unique and value-packed as you are

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What you'll learn in Impactful Social Writing:


Personal Platform Foundation

Develop a strategy that provides clarity on who you're talking to, what value you offer, and how you differentiate online so you can capture attention and make an impact.


Idea Engine & Generation

Align your “why” with your audience’s “so what” with ideas that are smart, engaging, and practical. All to help you create consistency in financial growth.


Hook Principles & Frameworks

Scroll-stopping frameworks that pique interest and inspire readers to want to know more; all through writing principles designed to capture attention and spur engagement.


Body Principles & Frameworks

Once you’ve earned attention, you need to keep it. Learn how to structure and format your content so it's captivating and entertaining from start to finish.


NEW: Systems & Tools for consistency & Growth

Staying consistent is the biggest struggle people have when building personal platform. Our course helps you better understand how to overcome the “start-stop” problem so you can generate traction that leads to long-term growth.


  • 5 modules of content
  • Full self-guided video course
  • Access to bonus resources, workbook, and challenges
  • Lifetime access, including future improvements and additions

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